Kementerian Perhubungan Republik Indonesia - Recruitment Taruna BPSDM (Untuk Lulusan SMA, MA, SMK) Bulan April 2013

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lowongan kerja 2013 - All spirit all morning, we teammates congratulate Easter for co - celebrating, following job information comes from one who is engaged in the ministry of transport andthe Indonesian government ministries in charge of transportation affairs, that is Kementerian Perhubungan Republik Indonesia or Kemenhub.Kementerian Perhubungan Republik Indonesia or The Ministry of Transportation of Republic Indonesia is the Indonesian government ministries in charge of transportation affairs. Kemenhub is based in Jakarta and its head office is situated in Jl Medan Merdeka Barat No 8 Jakarta. Kemenhub had 4 directorates, namely Directorate General of Land Transportation, Directorate General of Marine Transportation, Directorate General of Civil Aviation, and Directorate General of Railways.
To improve the program - the program of the ministry and improve perlayanan and regulation of transportation in Indonesia, Kementerian Perhubungan Republik Indonesia an opportunity for young people to join and requirements for the position as follows:

Seleksi Penerimaan Calon Taruna (SIPENCATAR) 2013

For those of you who are interested in being part of the ministry of communications and interested in a career in government, just for good car adan registration procedure you can see through the official website of BPSDM
Closing date 31 May 2013. The entire stage of this selection process is free of charge.Only candidates with the appropriate qualifications and requirements will be processed for the next selection.

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