Kepolisian Negara Republik Indonesia - Untuk Penerimaan Taruna AKPOL (Lulusan SMA, MA) Bulan Mei 2013

penerimaan polisi tahun 2013 - Job information interesting today, ready to give to us the following job anda.Informasi come from one of the institutions that are owned by the Indonesian state and is police institution in Indonesia which is responsible directly under the President of Indonesia, that is Kepolisian Negara Republik Indonesia or Polri.Current vacancies from this Kepolisian Negara Republik Indonesia we have provided to you in March  2013.Polri was established in 1 July 1946 by the Government of Indonesia and carry out policing duties in all parts of Indonesia. Polri's main tasks are to maintain law and order, enforcing the law, providing protection, shelter and services to the public.Polri is lead by a Chief of the Indonesian National Police (Kapolri) and since 22 October 2010 headed by Police General Timur Pradopo.
In support of this institution became one of the pride of the community as a protector of the people and the security and support the performance of the team, Kepolisian Negara Republik Indonesia  open enrollment cadets with the following requirements.

Penerimaan Taruna AKPOL TA 2013

General Requirements
  • Indonesian Citizens (Male/Female)
  • Min age 16 years old and max age 21 years old at the time of opening of educational
  • Faith and fear of God Almighty
  • To the faithful of the Unitary Republic of Indonesia based on Pancasila and the 1945 Constitution
  • Physical and spiritual health (medical cerificate from a medical institution)
  • Never been convicted of a crime (SKCK)
  • Authoritative, honest, fair and of good character
  • Willing to be placed throughout the territory of the Republic of Indonesia and willing to be assigned in all areas of police work
For those of you who are interested in being part of Kepolisian Negara Republik Indonesia and served as protector of the people, please apply online at Registrasi Taruna AKPOL.apply
All applications are appreciated and will be treated confidentially.Not later than 21 May 2013.Please note terms and conditions apply properly.