Sekretariat Pengadilan Pajak Kementerian Keuangan Republik Indonesia - Seleksi Penerimaan Hakim Pengadilan Pajak TA 2013

lowongan kerja cpns tahun 2013 - Good afternoon all, here we want to convey to the job information to you. Job following information comes from one of the ministries in Indonesia and Indonesia that is implementing the judiciary power for taxpayers or tax person seeking justice against tax dispute, that is Sekretariat Pengadilan Pajak Kementerian Keuangan Republik Indonesia or Pengadilan Pajak or Indonesian Tax Court. For job fair information cpns in 2013 of Kementerian Keuangan Republik Indonesia  once we submit to you in april 2013.Here you can see on the profile of the institution.Tax Court was established in 2002 based on Act No. 14 of 2002 concerning the Tax Court. Tax Court is based in Jakarta and supported by 2 hearing places, located in Yogyakarta and Surabaya. Supervision and general supervision of the Tax Court judges by the Supreme Court (Mahkamah Agung). While in administration, Tax Court operated under the Ministry of Finance of Republic of Indonesia.
For a team that has adan strengthen and reinforce k to achieve the program set by the ministry, Kementerian Keuangan Republik Indonesia through Pengadilan Pajak  job opening for the position and the following requirements:

Seleksi Penerimaan Hakim Pengadilan Pajak TA 2013

General Requirements
  • Indonesian Citizen (WNI)
  • Fear of God Almighty
  • Loyal to the Pancasila and the 1945 Constitution
  • Never engage in activities that betray the Unitary Republic of Indonesia or involved in illegal organization
  • Authoritative, honest, fair, and good character
  • Minimum age 45 years and maximum 61 years by 1 May 2013
  • Have expertise and experience in the field of Customs and Excise Taxation or at least 15 years
  • Min Bachelor Degree (S1)
  • Never been convicted of a criminal offense
  • Have a Taxpayer Identification Number (NPWP)
  • Orderly paid taxes last 3 years is evidenced by Annual Income Tax Return Individual delivered to the Directorate General of Taxation
  • Orderly reported Wealth Report State Officials (LHKPN) for the compulsory
  • Physically and mentally healthy
  • For civil servants, in addition to meeting the requirements as number 1 sd 9, do not live in a state and / or have had a disciplinary action based on Government Regulation No. 30 of 1980 and / or Government Regulation No. 53 of 2010
For those of you who are interested in the above job information, especially for those of you who have the competency requirements in accordance with the criteria daiatas, please ordinances and procedures for registration you can see through the official website of Kementerian Keuangan Republik
Registration closed on 20 May 2013. All applications will be treated in strict confidential and only use for the purpose of selection. Only qualified candidate match with the above mentioned qualifications will be notified for further selection.