Kabupaten Purbalingga - Recruitment CPNS For (A4, S1) Tahun Anggaran 2013

cpns kabupaten purbalingga 2013
cdcindonesia.com - Good morning all following our colleagues to tell you all the information lowomgan work, we want to get back to your job information coming from one of the Indonesian government and a regency in Central Java province, that is Kabupaten Purbalingga or Purbalingga.Profile for the local government as you can see below.The Regency is bordered to Pemalang regency in the north, Banjarnegara in the south and east, and Banyumas regency in the west.Kabupaten Purbalingga headed by a Regent and currently held by Tatto Sukento Ridho Marhaendrianto. He was promoted as regent after the previous officer, Heru Sudjatmoko promoted as the vice Governor of Central Java. According to latest data from the Population and Civil Registration Office of Prubalingga Regency (Dispendukcapil), total population of the Regency of Purbalingga in 2010 was 848,952 people.
To support the performance of the local government and improve services to the public in 2013, Kabupaten Purbalingga  cpns opening reception for the following positions:

For those of you who are interested in the above job positions and has a great interest in the above position, please ordinances and procedures for enrollment can be through the official website of Kabupaten Purbalingga.info
Only candidates with the relevant requirements will be processed for the next selection.Closing date 30 September 2013.