Program Perekrutan Bersama BUMN Maret 2019

Program Perekrutan Bersama BUMN Maret 2019
Tribun Palu - - In the morning, all the job seekers, along with information on job vacancies from all state-owned companies that held joint job openings, previously explained the BUMN companies, namely:BUMNs are including economic actors in the national economic system. BUMN was established with the aim of realizing community welfare and meeting the needs of people in various sectors.
Some of the sectors shaded by BUMN include plantations, agriculture, fisheries, transportation, telecommunications, electricity, construction, finance and others.
The process of registering a job opening program by 110 State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN) companies will be open until March 17, 2019.
The applicants themselves have been able to register since Friday (03/08/2019) yesterday.

In organizing this activity, the Ministry of BUMN cooperates with the Indonesian Human Capital Forum (FHCI).

Program Perekrutan Bersama (PPB) BUMN
  1. Regular (SMA/SMK, Vocational, S1 and S2)
  2. Talenta Disabilitas
  3. Kawasan Timur Indonesia
Jumlah Posisi:
11.000 posisi yang dibuka terbagi atas 

  • 9.000 posisi untuk rekrutmen umum, 
  • 1.000 posisi rekrutmen khusus disabilitas, 
  • dan 1.000 rekrutmen lain khusus kawasan timur Indonesia.

Note: Ingin mendapatakan informasi langsung dari email kami untuk lowongan kerja CPNS, BUMN, Perusahaan Swasta, Multinational Company, dan bidang lainnya silahkan, mendaftar disini.

If you are interested in building a future career with BUMN Corporation, please register and sign in to FHCI BUMN e-recruitment website with link as follow : and follow the steps carefully.source
Periode Daftar 3 - 24 Maret 2019.All applications are appreciated and will be treated confidentially.