BPJS Kesehatan - Recruitment For D3, S1 April 2019

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cdcindonesia.com - Indonesian morning enthusiasm, the following is information about job vacancies coming from one of the health providers in Indonesia, namely:Badan Penyelenggara Jaminan Sosial Kesehatan (BPJS Kesehatan) is a Legal Public Entity operated since January 1, 2014 (previously known as PT Askes (Persero)) and have a vision of "Cakupan Semesta 2019" where no later than January 1, 2019, the entire population of Indonesia has national health insurance for the benefit of health care and protection in fulfilling the basic needs of health, that organized by a reliable, superior and trusted BPJS Kesehatan.BPJS Kesehatan entrusted by the government to manage the program the National Health Insurance - Indonesia Healthy Card (JKN-KIS) has cooperate with 19,969 First Level Health Facilities (FKTP), 1,847 hospitals and 2,813 supported health facilities  (pharmacies, opticians, etc.).
BPJS Kesehatan opens career opportuny to become non permanent employee following terms:

Non Permanent Employee Are Papua and West Papua - Mamberamo Raya, Intan Jaya, Wamena

Participant Service / Frontliner (Code: FLR)
  • Verify, store, update, search again, validate, and distribute participant document or data
  • Verify and validate data
  • Recapitulate forms number
  • Record participant's identity and information requested about communication and providing information directly
Specific Requirements
  • Likes to serve
  • Have good communication skill
  • Friendly
Participation Administration (Code: ADK)
  • Recapitulate participant data
  • Reconcile participant data with Business Entity (BU)
  • Record and monitor Kartu Indonesia Sehat distribution
  • Request and monitor card returns (participant come out, family doctor change / general data change, product)
Specific Requirements
  • Likes with a lot of data
  • Has the ability to process data with Excel
Participant Complaint Handling (Code: PPP)
  • Receive participant complaint escalation from from Participant Service Staff
  • Receive participant complaint
  • Provide explanation to participant and resolve participant' complaint
  • Make a visit related to resolving complaint to the participant
Specific Requirements
  • Empathize with other people's complaint
  • Glad to provide solution to the difficulty of others
Relationship Officer (Code: RLO)
  • Implement BPJS Kesehatan Healthcare Insurance program socialization activity directly to Business Entity or Legal Entity (visiting activity)
  • Recruit Wage Recipient Worker participant
  • Telemarketing
  • Maintain partnership relationship with Business Entity
  • Monitor participant registration and Wage Recipient Worker first fee payment
  • Monitor Wage Recipient Worker participant registration
  • Update business entity worker potential data
Specific Requirements
  • Preferably have experience as a marketing force
  • Minimum has a motorbike vehicle and SIM
  • Participation Expansion Administration (Code: APK)
  • Verify, store, update, search again, validate, and distribute document or data
  • Make relevant activity report related to the scope of work on a regular basis
  • Evaluate and provide input to the work unit related to applicable guideline
Billing (Code: PNG)
  • Manage the validity of contribution billing data through coordination with Participation Administration Staff including collection analytical data and contribution calculation result based on participant data master file
  • Manage billing administration and carry out billing activities starting from the 1st to the 10th of each month to participant and employer
  • Coordinate with inspector officer related to compliance with payment of contribution from participant and employer after conducting contribution collection activity in accordance with the SLA
Specific Requirements
  • Accustomed to seeing rupiah numbers
  • Have negotiation skill
General Affair and Secretariat (Code: UKS)
  • Carry out maintenance, repair or service of transportation equipment (routine and non-routine)
  • Carry out asset maintenance
  • Code the assets according to its classification and work unit that need them
  • Sort letters according to predetermined classifications
Specific Requirements
  • Helpful
  • Happy tidiness
Inspection Administration (Code: APM)
  • Monitor and evaluate data giving for non-compliance
  • Data checking
  • Field check
  • Reporting non-compliance to relevant government agency
  • Primary Health Facility Management (Code: PFP)
  • Registration of primary health facility
  • Implementation of partnership meeting with health facility
  • Supervision of primary health facility
Specific Requirements
  • Nice to connect with doctor, clinic, and or health center (Puskesmas)
  • Accustomed to prepare report
  • Have the ability to evaluate and make feedback
  • Choose one position that you think is fit with your knowledge and skills
  • If there is a need outside the function mentioned above, it will be announced at the selection stage
General Requirements
  • Education level: minimum Diploma 3
  • Educational background: any major (according to BPJS Kesehatan needs)
  • Maximum age (on December 31, 2019): 25 years old
  • Marital status: not married
  • Minimum GPA: 2.75
  • Personality:
    • Discipline
    • Positive attitude
    • Cooperation
    • Dedication and loyalty
    • Initiative
    • Leadership
  • Look carefully at the notes below:
    • Make sure you have selected the vacancy province according to your desired placement
    • Applicants who will called to participate in the next selection stage are adjusted to BPJS Kesehatan needs
    • Ensure to write down your full address, including your current domicile city / district
  • Upload your application files in the "resume" section which consists of:
    • National Identity Card (KTP)
    • Photograph and full-body photograph
    • Application letter
    • Curriculum vitae
    • Diploma
    • Transcript
    • Police Cerificate (SKCK)
  • All files are scanned into 1 (one) file and uploaded in the "resume" section.
  • Especially for profile photos when registering online, use your selfies (not photo studio).
  • Registration opened on 16 April 2019 at the latest.
  • Salary
  • Welfare benefit
Skills Requirements
  • Teamwork
  • Administrative
  • Communication
  • Microsoft Office
Note: Ingin mendapatakan informasi langsung dari email kami untuk lowongan kerja CPNS, BUMN, Perusahaan Swasta, Multinational Company, dan bidang lainnya silahkan, mendaftar disini.

Those who are interested please apply to link below.
All applications are appreciated and will be treated confidentially.Only qualified, short-listed applicants will be invited for furthers process.