Bank BNI Syariah - Penerimaan Untuk Posisi Management Information System (MIS) Officer August 2019

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Wikipedia - Good morning, all job seekers, here is information on job vacancies coming from one of the companies engaged in sharia banking in Indonesia, namely: BNI Syariah was started with the establishment of Sharia Business Unit by PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (also referred as BNI Induk) on April 29, 2000 based on Law No. 10 of 1998. Originated from five branches in Yogyakarta, Malang, Pekalongan, Jepara and Banjarmasin, Sharia Business Unit of BNI was further developed into 28 Branch Offices and 31 Sub-Branch Offices.The spin-off plan was executed on June 19, 2010 with the establishment of PT Bank BNI Syariah (“BNI Syariah or Bank”) as Sharia Commercial Bank based on the Decree of the Governor of Bank Indonesia No. 12/41/KEP.GBI/2010. This establishment was also contributed by external factors such as conducive regulatory, namely the issuance of Law No. 21 of 2008 concerning Sharia (Islamic) Banking. In addition, the Government’s commitment to the development of sharia banking was growing stronger and the awareness of sharia banking product advantages was also increasing.Committed to provide the best for its customers, BNI Syariah constantly improves the service on its network. As one form of continuous service improvement, BNI Syariah also observes the adherence to sharia aspects to ensure that all products of BNI Syariah has passed the testing of the Sharia Supervisory Board and met the prevailing sharia rules.
BNI Syariah as one of the best Sharia Banks in Indonesia, is looking for skilled, dynamic and highly motivated employee candidates who will join as Insan Hasanah in the following positions:

Management Information System (MIS) Officer

  • Minimum Bachelor degree in Computer Science major or related field
  • Understand PHP, Java, Javascript, CSS, Python programming
  • Understand database: SQL Server, Oracle, Store Procedure
  • Preferably understand data analytic, big data, Tableau, Pentaho
  • Fresh graduate or at least 1 year experience in related positions
  • Have good communication skill and highly motivate
  • Willing to be placed in Jakarta

Note: Ingin mendapatakan informasi langsung dari email kami untuk lowongan kerja CPNS, BUMN, Perusahaan Swasta, Multinational Company, dan bidang lainnya silahkan, mendaftar disini.

Registration opened via the link below from 2-11 August 2019.
Announcement of administrative screening result will be posted through the Recruitment Portal:
Apply Online
For further information please access the Recruitment Portal through the menu: Introduction & How to Register> Professional Hired.
Attention:This recruitment process is free of charge.
BNI Syariah is registered and supervised by the Financial Services Authority.